Goddess Abirami appearing before a priest who was her sincere devotee. He had mistakenly told the king it was a Full Moon day instead of a New Moon day which is what it actually was. The king was going to punish the priest for giving out bad astrological information as this would confuse the people into doing the wrong prayers and rituals on the wrong day. The priest prayed intensely and sang songs to Goddess Abirami.

She appeared before him and took off one of her earrings and threw it up into the sky where it became the Full Moon for that evening to make the priest’s words come true. The king was humbled by the miracle and canceled the punishment and gave the priest the title Abirami Pattar (the priest of Goddess Abirami). The songs have become famous in Tamil literature as Abhirami Anthadhi, a collection of stanzas in which the last one word of one stanza is used as the first word for the next stanza.

A simple mantra for her is

Om Abirami Namaha

Abhirami and Bhattar painted by Keshav

Artwork Credit: Painting by Keshav.

This story was talked about in the Vedic Astrology Club call March 8, 2014: