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Category: Prayers & Mantras

Simple Planetary Mantras Given By Dr. Pillai.

Everyone has permission to use these as well as to share them with others.

Planetary Mantras for 3 Outer Planets that were used in the Fire Labs when their statues were energized in 2022 in Dr. Pillai’s temple in India:

  • Uranus – Om Hram Prajapataye Namaha
  • Neptune – Om Vam Varunaya Namaha
  • Pluto – Om Krum Krutantkaya Namaha

We use these sounds in the Vedic Astrology Club as part of the opening chants to invoke blessings from enlightened siddha Maharishi Brghu:

—Om Brghu Sadgurave Namaha


He is well known for performing fire ceremonies, for teaching Vedic astrology and for being the father of Venus. We ask his blessings to help us succeed with our studies and practice of Vedic astrology. We ask him to help us with remedies.

Dr. Pillai has noted that it is said Brghu also had incarnation as Lao Tzu in the Chinese tradition and as Einstein in the West.



AstroVed founder, Dr. Pillai, has shared a very simple technique anyone can do from anywhere in the world to strengthen their connection with the Sun’s life-affirming energy.

Here is the technique: In the morning after showering, go outside for a few moments. Face East and offer some clean water in the palm of your right hand towards the Sun and recite the Sun Gayathri Mantra:

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyoyona Prachodayat

and then let the water fall on the ground. This simple yet effective offering can be repeated 3 times daily in the morning and will help create a closer relationship with the Sun’s life energies.

Sun at Land's End Cornwall

These sounds ask all the planets to be beneficial to us:

Aasaru Nalla Nalla

Avai Nalla Nallaa

Atiyar Avarku Mikave

This chant was originally taught by Tamil Saint Jnanasamundar and has been shared with us by Dr. Pillai. He has recommended chanting this daily.

Note: The full chant is available for purchase as a 30 minute audio download as Sounds To Control the Nine Planets with Dr. Pillai reciting the Tamil sounds along with some English translation. It is suggested to listen to the full chant once a week.

A prayer that we use in the Morning Program at the end of the Fire Labs

“Lord, all discomforts of my body, mind and emotions, I created them, not you. They bother me, but they should not distract me from you. Control my monkey mind. Give me the ability to love you every second and praise your glory. That is my priority. I live for you, not for me.”

This prayer will take care of all our sufferings.

~ Dr. Pillai