The Sun’s energy is important for creativity.

The Sun is more than the fire of a star. The Sun is also the light of consciousness.

The Sun can give gifts of universal tolerance as the Sun shines on all: king and beggar alike.

Sun can help with consistency and reliability. The Sun comes up silently each day and simply does his job.

Sun is essential for life energy. It is an important planet for health.

Sun energy is necessary for leadership, healthy self-esteem and good government.

Sun’s placement reveals things about us on a soul level. An astrologer will look at the sign and house where the Sun is placed.

Characteristics: dry, masculine, positive, hot. This is a fiery planet and rules the East.

Behavior when strong or well placed:

  • brilliance
  • power
  • magnetic quality
  • ambition
  • tireless worker
  • real love toward everyone and everything
  • authority
  • activity
  • cheerful
  • sterling qualities
  • inspiration
  • regality

Behavior when weak or poorly placed:

  • arrogance
  • domineering
  • angry
  • irritable
  • insulting
  • jealous
  • can bring low self-esteem
  • low energy

Mythology: Sun is moving in a chariot drawn by 7 horses (science: 7 colors of solar spectrum: VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red)

Sun with 7 Horses

A simple home remedy ritual for the Sun taught by Dr. Pillai is a Sun Water ritual.

Written by Valli Wells

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