This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday April 19, 2014. Thank you to all the participants and to Rani and Bhairavi, our guest speakers.

Muruga Teaching Secrets of OM to Siva

Call Recording: Muruga and Other Discussion


At one time Maharishi Brighu knew the secret of Om and was trying to destroy the world. Lord Siva prevented this act by placing his hands over Brighu’s head and saying: ‘You must forget the Om mantra.’ At that instant the secret of Omkara mantra faded from his memory. Brighu realized what was happening and in turn cursed Siva saying: ‘You will forget the Om mantra too.’ And Siva forgot the secret of Om as well.  Later on Siva went to Muruga and asked him to teach the secret of the Omkara mantra to him.  Muruga agreed explaining that Siva would have to be his student. Siva agreed, and Muruga whispered the secret of Om in his father’s ear. This is the history of the vortex of the Muruga temple at Swamimalai.

Dr. Pillai teaches Om as Ah, Oo, Ma:

  • Ah represents Siva,
  • Oo represents Shakti
  • Ma represents Maya



Even just using one of these syllables manifests great power.

Muruga’s 6 Heads:

Muruga’s 6 Heads represent 6 parts of the brain as well as 6 Siddhis.  These represent the 5 faces of Siva and the Face of Uma Devi or Parvati, which can only be seen by the wise. He is able to see North, South, East West Sky and Earth. These faces represent the 5 senses which lead to the 6th sense, or inner knowing, the Atho-mugam.

The 6 faces mantra is: SA RA VA NA BA VA

Forehead: Tatpurushaya

Top of Head: Ishanaya

Right Brain: Aghora Hridayaya

Left Brain: Vama Devaya

Back of Brain (Occipital Lobe): Sadyojataya

3rd Eye, Pineal Gland Atho-mugam

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