This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday May 17, 2014. Thank you to all the participants and to Rani and Bhairavi, our guest speakers.

Lakshmi Shobana

Call Recording: Lakshmi, Vadivudai and Other Discussion


Lakshmi Shobane

Per Dr. Pillai: Approximately 400 years ago there was an acclaimed Madhva Saint named Vadiraja living in Southern India in the state of Kannada. He was fully enlightened, had many Miraculous Siddhi powers, and lived for about 120 years. One day he was visiting a city where the Mayor was preparing for his daughter’s wedding. Unfortunately the bridegroom was bitten by a snake and despite all efforts, he died. The Mayor was told that Vadiraja had just arrived and could restore the boy’s life. The Mayor asked Vadiraja to help in this matter. Vadiraja immediately composed a Hymn to Goddess Lakshmi recounting her Wedding to Lord Vishnu at the time she arose from out of the Milky Ocean. Anyhow, Lakshmi appeared and he requested that she revive the boy. She did and the wedding was carried out.

Lakshmi’s energy promotes auspicious activities. Everything auspicious belongs to Lakshmi, even the word Lakshmi means auspicious. Everything that’s going to give good fortune, joy, and happiness belongs to Lakshmi.

Every word he uses is charged with that power and I have been thinking about it for approximately 3 years. The time has not been right to introduce it to people, until now 2013.

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I leased a building in a powerful temple vortex and we’ll have the ceremony where the women come and chant this Hymn and light the ghee lamps, accompanied by a very special, very powerful Lakshmi Homa. I want people to be able to come spend time here a receive the benefits. I look forward to this program called Lakshmi Shobanam by the great Mystic Saint, Vadiraja. The AstroVed people will make announcements regarding this at the appropriate time.

The Shobanam Hymn is comprised of 112 verses recounting the events of Lakshmi’s Wedding to Lord Vishnu. Hearing this reminds her of her own joy at the time of her wedding. Shobana means Mangala or auspicious. Lakshmi is Sarva Mangala, which means she is not only the Goddess of wealth, but all powerful, and capable of bestowing longevity. That was the power of St. Vadiraja’s Hymn and Goddess Lakshmi was obliged to revive the bridegroom.

Also note that the Tamil Month of Aadi (this year 2014 from Jul 15th to Aug 15th), is very special to Lakshmi, especially the Fridays. There are 4 Aadi Fridays where you can receive special ‘Blessings’ from Lakshmi.

It’s always auspicious to chant and or write ‘Shreem Brzee’ 108 or 1008 times. (This chant is cumulative.) And to burn AstroVed’s Friday Incense for Venus/and Lakshmi.


Vadivudai Amman is a Goddess of Beauty, both inner and outer. One mantra for her is

Om Sri Vaidivooday Nayaki Swaha

For Help From Goddess To Do Tapas (Disciplined Practice):

Om Kanambhikaya Vidh Mahe

Sarva Siddhicha Dhi Mahi

Tanno Gauri Prachodayat

There is free virtual pooja for Vadivudai Amman on this page at AstroVed:



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