AstroVed Astrologer Valli Wells will be travelling to India for a few months to help with some work for AstroVed and is excited for this opportunity. However, this means she is putting the Morning Program on break starting Feb. 27. This week  we will meet only Monday through Wednesday for two rituals as a public service: (1) a Pooja to the Celestial Science Chart of the Moment 6:30AM PST honoring the 9 Vedic planets and stars of the morning  and (2) a Time Energies (Shaktis) Fire Lab 6:45 AM PST.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Morning Program over the past few years!

Call In Phone: (760) 569-7676

Access Code:  157550#

[If you experience technical difficulties, please call the conference call center directly at  1-877-482-5838 Customer Service. In some cases, they can give you an alternative number specific for your telephone provider. ]

RECORDED MORNING PROGRAM: If you are not able to call in and listen live, you can listen to the audio recording of the fire lab at the number below:

Playback #:  (760) 569-7699

Playback Access Code: 157550#

Morning Pooja – Celestial Science Chart of the Moment for Planetary Positions in Rasis (Signs) and Nakshatras (Stars)

Guidelines for Fire Lab

Invoke Ganesha to Calm the Mind Om Shring Gung
Invoke Muruga for One-Pointed Focus Om Murugan Kumaran Guhan
Invoke General of Siva’s Army for Protection Om Virabhadraya Namaha
Invoke protection of the four directions N-E-S-W Om Dhik Palaka Namaha

Invoke the Fire God
Om Gamma Agneye Swaha

Invoking Ganesha to Remove Obstacles that block wealth
Om Ghe Ghe Ghe
Krom Krom Krom
Uchista Ganapataye
Hasti Pisaci Likhe Swaha

Invoke Planet of the Day and Hour: Moon/Chandra

Om Cham Chandraya  Swaha

Gayathri Mantra for Moon

Om Nishakaraaya Vidmahe

Kalanaathaya Dhimahi

Tannas Chandra Prachodayat Swaha

Invoke Overlord for Moon/Chandra: Parvati

Om Kleem Parvatiyei Swaha

Invoke North Node of the Moon, Rahu
Om Ram Rahuve Swaha

Invoke the Overlord of the Rahu, Durga
Om Katyayanaya Vidh Mahe

Kanya Kumari Dhimahi

Tanno Durgi Prachodayat Swaha

Invoke Birthstar of the Morning: Mula ~ Star of Foundational Energies

Om Mulayei Swaha

Invoke Deity for Star of the Day: Nritti ~ Smokey Goddess of Transformational Change

Om Nrittiyei Swaha

Invoke 10th Waning Moon Goddess: Maha Vajraswari (Lakshmi) ~ Goddess Having Thunderbolt

Maha Vajraswari destroys dense evils and helps us overcome our troubles. She also grants freedom from ignorance.

Om Dhruti Maha Vajraswariyei  Swaha

Invoke Goddess Isis (Manifestation and Creation) and Parvati (Relationships and Enlightenment)

Om Ee-Sa Isis Parvatiyei Swaha

Invoke Radha Krishna ~ Effortless Creation and Bliss

Radha Ramana Hari Bol Swaha

Invoke Archetype of Rama and Success

Sri Mula Ramo Vijayate

Dik Vijaya Ramo Vijayate

Sri Jaya Ramo Vijayate

Shiva Rama, Shiva Rama, Shiva Rama

Shiva Ramo Vijayate Swaha

Invoke Hayagreeva ~ Horse-Headed Archetype Who Knows Secrets of Sounds
Om Hayagreeva Hayagreeva Hayagreeva Swaha

Mantra to Open the Third Eye
Om VaYaNaMaShi Swaha

Mantra to Prepare for Light Body
SiVaYaNaMa SiVaYaNaMa Swaha

Moola Mantra For Miracles

Om Aim Hreem
Siva Satguru
Babaya Swaha

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Peace, Peace, Peace

End of Fire Ceremony – Remain still for a while to absorb the empowerment.

For planetary mantras and some of the qualities of the planets, this page may be helpful:

Note: You may wish to silently do this 30 second prayer on your own during the Fire Lab and use the Fire Lab to empower the prayer. Valli will hold the compassion intention,  and she will outwardly still conduct the Fire Lab normally.

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Other Recommendations:

Valli offers a FREE live Vedic Astrology Club call once a week. All are welcome. This teleconference call has some sharing of Vedic astrology-related information as well as some time when the line is open for taking questions / discussion. The I Ching (Chinese wisdom book) talks about the value of “organic fellowship.” We will have no session on March 1. Our next session = Saturday, March 8, 2014 @ 12:00 NOON PST. You may email questions ahead of time to

Call In Phone for “Vedic Astrology Club” Call: (530) 881-1400, Access Code:  255529#

[If you experience technical difficulties, please call the conference call center directly at  1-877-482-5838 Customer Service. In some cases, they can give you an alternative number specific for your telephone provider. ]

Previous Vedic Astrology Club Calls and related files are at AstroVed Club Blog:

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